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Kings of the Mountain

Our lovely boys 

Ch. Nikolai Fyodorovsky
aka Fyodor

Black Golden Mackerel Tabby

Carries dilute, does not carry solid

Very low allergen 1.05

Adopted from SiberianBeauty in California 

Normal echo 07/28/2021 at 7 years of age


Fyodor- Champion Golden Siberian Sunshine cat, very low allergen, hypoallergenic
Zoro- Brown tabby with white Siberian cat sire- extra low allergen level, truly hypoallergenic, low FelD1

Mikhail Zorostovitch
aka Zoro

Brown Mackerel Tabby w/white

Carries golden, solid and dilute

Extremely low allergen 0.2

Born here from Fyodor & Gabriela 

Normal echo 07/28/2021 & 12/22/2023

Both parents had normal echo after 7 years of age


Marvel Dysgarden 
aka Waldo

Red Smoke (solid) w/white

Carries classic tabby, does not carry dilute

Low allergen: Fur 110

Poland Import

Normal echo 09/09/2022


Radomir Verooka

Brown Classic Tabby w/white

Carries golden, does not carry solid or dilute

Medium low allergen Saliva: ~3

Belarus Import

First echo due late 2024



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