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Why our Siberians are the best

I say this in all modesty: after 15 years of breeding, we know our lines, we know how to raise sweet healthy kittens, we know how to make perfect matches and if you get a kitten from us, you will agree, guaranteed. 


We have been blessed with very healthy Siberian genetics from the get go. Part of it is certainly luck, but another big part of it is our unwavering commitment to do everything right. We screen all our breeding cats for heart disease with biyearly echocardiograms. We are happy and proud to report that none of our Siberians ever developed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a hereditary heart disease that we unfortunately have no genetic test for yet. As you can see on our Queens and Sires pages, many of our breeding cats have had both parents or all 4 grandparents tested negative for HCM after 6 years of age. Very few breeders can provide proof of so many generations of "clean" Siberians. Because HCM is a very complex disease that is not totally understood yet, it would not be totally impossible for one of our cat to develop it but we got you covered with a 5 years genetic health warranty on all our kittens. 

Feline peritonitis (FIP) is another disease of concern, in not just Siberians but in all feline population. In all the years we have been breeding, we have had only one kitten diagnosed with FIP. FIP used to be a fatal disease with no possible treatment but thankfully there is now a successful, although expensive cure available. FIP is technically not a genetic or hereditary disease so many breeders do not provide any kind of guarantee or coverage on this disease but we are adding a clause on our contract to help with that.

Contagious disease is the other concern often brought up when discussing kitten's health. Who has not heard about those horror stories of bringing home a kitten only to find out they are very sick with various potentially transmittable disease? We regularly test our cats for intestinal parasites, maintain very hygienic environment, and enforce strict quarantine guidelines with any new cat addition. We guarantee all our cats and kittens to be healthy and free of contagious diseases for 10 days after relocation (most breeders offer only a 3 days). 


From even before they are born, our kittens are cherished and cared for in the best and most complete way. Our years of experience have taught us many valuable lessons and I can now confidently say that we are expert at providing the right environment and education for kittens that are physically and emotionally sound. By the time our kittens are ready to go at 12 weeks of age, they are litter trained, enjoy eating treats, are used to being brushed, and tolerate baths and nail trims. We then provide continued support for any question or concern that comes up for the whole life of your kitty. We are here to help!

Low allergen

Most of our breeding Siberians are tested hypoallergenic. We have laboratory results to prove it and countless testimony of allergy sufferer who have no reaction to our Siberians. Now, allergen level will vary from one Siberian to the next and if you have significant allergies, please make sure to detail those on our application. Some people are allergic to even the lowest allergen Siberians, as they react to a different protein than the FeLd1 allergen. The more info you give us, the better we can advise you and match you with the right kitty. We offer fur samples by mail to test out your allergies. Those have been surprisingly and amazingly accurate and if you would like to order some, please fill out our application, and select the $60 option with fur samples. $50 of that money will be applicable toward a kitten if a reservation is made. 

All traditional colors

Siberian cat's coloring are separated into 2 different categories; traditional and colorpoint, also known as Neva Masquerade. The controversy surrounding this topic is whether colorpoints were originally present in the native Siberian cat population or if they were introduced from Persian cats by breeders. I will not argue for either side today but here we have committed ourselves to breed only traditional colors, and therefore we never had a colorpoint Siberian. One other color we do not have is all white Siberians because of a genetic predisposition for cancer and/or deafness. However, we have a very wide variety of traditional colors, and love working with all of them; golden/sunshine, red, smoke, silver, dilute, solid, black etc. We could say we specializes in hypoallergenic silver and bimetallic as we were the first cattery to prove we have low allergen silver Siberians. Head over to our Colofurr! page to learn more about all those exciting colors. Did you know that Bimetallic, also called silver sunshine is a color specific to Siberians only? Head over our queen's page and check out our gorgeous Bimetallic queen Bluebell and her daughters Pakipika Ocean and Darjeeling Chai! 

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