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Why our Siberians are the best

I say this in all modesty, after 14 years of breeding, we know our lines, we know how to raise sweet kittens, and we know how to make perfect matches. 


We have been blessed with very healthy Siberian genetics from the get go. Part of it is certainly luck, but another big part of it is also our commitment to do everything right. We screen all our breeding cats for heart disease with biyearly echocardiograms. We are happy and proud to report that none of our Siberians ever developed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a disease that is  have not had any incidence of heart disease in our Siberians. As you might have heard, HCM () (Very few breeders can prove that there has been no heart disease in their breeding cats. 


From even before they are born, our kittens are cherished and cared for in the best and most complete way. Our years of experience have taught us many valuable lessons and I can now confidently say that we are expert at providing the right environment and education for kittens that are physically and emotionally sound. By the time our kittens are ready to go at 12 weeks of age, they are litter trained, enjoy eating treats (super important for any training to be successful

Low allergen

While certainly not all of our kittens have low allergen, there 

All traditional colors

Many people with allergies become interested in the Siberian because of their reputation of being low allergen and soon these people find out that they can live "sneeze free" with a Siberian in their home, even sharing their bed without getting any allergy symptoms!


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