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Welcome to Rozhenitsa 


SiberianLove Catteries

Who we are

Cat lovers! First and foremost!


At Rozhenitsa, we welcomed our first Siberians in 2009 and in 2017 I funded my own cattery, SiberianLove. Although we are 2 different businesses and households, we work very closely together. We maintain only one waitlist for both catteries, and now have one website that will soon include everything you need to know. 

I have plans to soon start a YouTube channel where I will be able to share lots of information and tips about these amazing felines. 

In the meantime, visit us on instagram and Facebook 

We look forward to having you become part of our extended family! 

"Amy" Aude Hebert

Owner SiberianLove

Manager Rozhenitsa Siberians



We have kittens growing, mamas pregnant and decided to start our waitlist back.

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